Techniker Krankenkasse Brandenburg Havel

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Nursing research

Nursing research in Brandenburg is thriving. Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) Brandenburg havel is a foundation that helps researchers at universities and other research institutes in the area of nursing. TK Brandenburg havel is coordinating 23 programmes with the aim of developing nursing science. Not only The Techniker Krankenkasse Brandenburg Havel is spearheading research into pharmacotherapeutic interventions for various nursing diagnoses.

Staff of KV Havelland nursing staff

The staff of the KV Havelland nursing home provide care for the patients in their care. They work together to create a comfortable and healthy environment for the residents. The nursing staff includes nurses, aides and caregivers. Together, they provide round-the-clock care for the patients. They monitor them and provide support when needed. Nurses play a vital role in caring for the elderly. They are responsible for taking care of their medical needs and providing assistance as needed. Aides help with personal care tasks, such as getting out of bed and bathing. Caregivers help with basic needs such as eating and toileting. The nursing staff at KV Havelland work hard to make sure that each resident is comfortable and happy. They offer tips and advice on how to keep active and enjoy life despite illness or injury. The team is devoted to providing quality care for the residents in their charge.

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Fundraising and promotion

The Techniker Krankenkasse Brandenburg havel (TKB) is the regional association of German techniker associations. To support its work, the TKB resorts to different means of fundraising: membership dues, sponsorships and events. The TKB has a dedicated blog to inform its members, partners and other interested parties about the latest news and events of the association. The Techniker Krankenkasse Brandenburg Havel is supporting one of the biggest charity events in Europe – the Berlin Marathon. More than 20,000 runners are expected to take part in this year’s event, which takes place on April 24. The Techniker Krankenkasse Brandenburg Havel is providing […]


If you have questions about your health, or if something doesn’t seem quite right, go to the doctor. However, if you have serious health problems and can’t afford to see a doctor, you may be eligible for coverage by a sickness fund known as the techniker krankenkasse brandenburg havel. This sickness fund is administered by the Brandenburg State Health Insurance Fund (GKV-Bank Brandenburg). The Brandenburg State Health Insurance Fund (GKV-Bank Brandenburg) has two types of sickness funds: theTechniker Krankenkasse Brandenburg Havel and the Krankenhausfonds Potsdam. The Krankenhausfonds Potsdam provides coverage for medical expenses at hospitals in Potsdam. The Techniker Krankenkasse Brandenburg Havel provides coverage for medical expenses at clinics and other health care facilities located in the former East Berlin. How much sick pay does the Techniker Krankenkasse Brandenburg Havel provide? The Techniker Krankenkasse provides 80 percent of the gross pay up to a limit of 450 Euros per month. After that, 65 percent of the gross

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