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Zurich German Herold Life Insurance contact If you would like to obtain more information about the Zurich German Heroes Life Insurance Company, please contact us. We would be happy to help you in any way we can. You can reach us at: nmailto:info@gzhl.ch mobile: +41 (0)76 580 38 82 fax: +41 (0)76 580 38 26 Please enter a blog content.

Liechtensteiner Kriegsflüchtlinge

After World War I, Switzerland welcomed millions of refugees. At the time, it was one of the few European countries to do so and its economy benefited greatly. The Swiss army was also one of the most professional in Europe, meaning that many experienced soldiers found employment upon their return. Many refugees who arrived in Switzerland were from Central and Eastern Europe. They had fled the violence and persecution of the First World War and sought a new life. Switzerland offered them a safe haven and opportunity to start over. The country was also ethnically diverse, making it easy for refugees to find social circles and support networks. As Switzerland started to settle down after World War II, many of the refugees who had arrived before the war decided to stay. This has led to a significant German-speaking population in Switzerland. Today, they are proud citizens with rich traditions and culture.

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Hotel Rheinmülin

Please enter your contact information so we can reach out to you about our Zurich Deutscher Herold Life Insurance contact program! -Name: – Email: Zurich was once the banking and export capital of Europe, with companies such as Deutsche Bank and Swiss Re visible in many aspects of everyday life. But, like many other European metropolises, Zurich is feeling the strains of an ageing population, rapidly increasing costs and a lack of affordable housing. Addressing these challenges has been declared one of Zurich’s “National Sans Frontières” – or national priorities – and the city has set up initiatives such as its “Zurich Resilience Network” to try to improve conditions for residents. One such initiative is the city’s new hotel, the Rheinmülin – designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta and opening in October this year. The 550-room hotel occupies a former car manufacturing plant on Lake Zurich and features sustainable design features such as a roof that doubles as an outdoor gym and a water harvesting system to reduce reliance on water bills. It also offers a variety of communal spaces, including a screening room and an A/C-free lounge with a library. The Rheinmülin is intended to become Zurich’s first true “green” hotel, supporting local businesses, hiring local staff and reducing its

Schweizer Recht für Reisen?

01. Die Schweizer Recht für Reisen ist ein wichtiges Thema für Touristen, Urlauber und Geschäftsreisende. Es gibt zahlreiche Ausnahmen vom Schweizer Recht für Reisen, die auf Grund der besonderen internationalen Beziehungen zwischen unserer Schweiz und anderen Staaten bestehen.\ 2. Einige dieser Ausnahmen sind: │ │ – Das Schweizer Recht für Reisen gilt nur für Personen, die persönlich in der Schweiz ansässig sind und dort ihren gewöhnlichen Aufenthalt haben; │ – Für Personen, die nicht persönlich in der Schweiz ansässig sind, gilt das Schweizer Recht für Reisen nur, wenn sie von einem Schweizer Pass (oder einer anderen entsprechenden Identifikationspapier) begleitet (oder angehoben) werden

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